Sunday June 27, 2004

Lake District filed in Going

Karen and I arrived back from the Lake District yesterday. I've made a photo diary for you to peruse.

There are 32 images, and the whole thing weighs about 3MB.

To begin, click here.



And amusing captions too.

Although I heard there were lots of waterfalls up there, could you post some pictures of them for us too see as well ...

Adrian - Sunday June 27, 2004 15:19

It's a recent thing, this waterfall interest of mine.

Seriously, if you want more waterfall photos, I can provide them. I can also provide lots of blurry badgers, miscellaneous water shots and sheep images too.

Got bandwidth to think about though.

Pete - Sunday June 27, 2004 15:41

I'm trying to think of a decent watersports joke or pun or double entendre I can throw in here, but I can't come up with anything decent.

I would just be taking the piss anyway.

Adrian - Sunday June 27, 2004 15:48

The pictures are awesome - looks like it was a lovely trip!!

Angel - Sunday June 27, 2004 16:54

i have just declared the past week of my life boring and useless because i wasn't around those awesome waterfalls.

*throws week in bin*

k - Monday June 28, 2004 04:48

I like "Karen woz 'ere" the best. Shame her nose isn't long enough to hang over the wall. Or was she just hiding it?

I want to lick the first one.

qB - Monday June 28, 2004 08:36

You want to lick Karen's nose? Love the pictures and while the waterfalls are great, it's the snail wot does it for me. Perfect.

Daisy - Monday June 28, 2004 12:38
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