Holiday reading

That is, I'll need a holiday in order to read all this, although I'm one book away from my target of 50 books this year. I love being given books, and I was delighted to have such a bookful birthday. Here's the list of loot:

The Heart of the Matter: Graham Greene
Life of Pi: Yann Martell
Toast: Nigel Slater [finished]
Pride & Promiscuity: Arielle Eckstut
New York Trilogy: Paul Auster [nearly finished the first book]
Red Dog: Louis de Bernieres
Vernon God Little: DBC Pierre

Meanwhile, I shall be listening to one of several birthday CDs and continuing to argue with Nick that Flash Gordon was a damn good film.

Karen · Wednesday December 03, 2003 10:05

Flash Gordon was a good film.

Stuart · December 03, 2003 10:39

Flash Gordon is a wonderful film. Brian Blessed, Timothy Dalton, Topol, Max von Sydow, Ornella Muti, Peter Duncan ... what a cast. And, of course, a fantastic theme song.

And the promise that he'll save every one of us.

What more do you need?

Mark · December 03, 2003 11:03

Also the first Queen album not to feature the "No Synthesizers" label as it was first Queen album to use synthesizers.

Adrian Sevitz · December 03, 2003 11:04

And anyone who replies to that comment with

"Ahh haaaaa"

gets a slap ....

Adrian Sevitz · December 03, 2003 11:05

It's tempting, Adrian.

Karen · December 03, 2003 11:13

Not wanting to put you off but don't expect too much from Red Dog. Louis can certainly write but I found little passion.

But if you have not read The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts (or in fact the whole trilogy) you will find it in abundance.

thom · December 03, 2003 11:28

Life of Pi would be my suggestion for the next read.

And I refuse to comment on Flash Gordon... ohh those childhood taunts are being dredged up.. great...

And Adrian - a fellow Queen fan? Who da thunk it!

Gordon · December 03, 2003 11:53

I have read the Louis de Bernieres south american trilogy, Thom, and enjoyed it. Spengy says Red Dog is great, and won't take me more than a day to read, so I might try that next.

Karen · December 03, 2003 12:06

Flash Gordon is a great film. No doubt about it. As to the books... haven't read a single one of them so will appreciate your recommendations.

"Aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

the saviour of the universe · December 03, 2003 12:12

It certainly won't take more than a day and is very good.

It's just that I feel de Bernieres
hasn't really delivered on his early promise.

thom · December 03, 2003 12:17

Flash Gordon had very nice hair in that film. It looked like something off an ad for conditioner. Apparently it got its own film, which bombed: 'Flash Gordon's Hair Saves the Universe.' In which he came up against an evil arch-enemy called Timotei the Terrible.

Vaughan · December 03, 2003 12:37


The Game featured the first synthesizer, a year before Flash Gordon (sorry that's been bugging me... )

Gordon · December 03, 2003 12:53

Flash Gordon looks like he's made out of plastic. Which makes the action figure even more realistic.

Karen · December 03, 2003 13:00

*pootles off to do some Christmas shopping at Amazon*

Hang on? My recommendations? Flash Gordon: The Soundtrack? How am I meant to know what to buy myself for Christmas now, if all my year's browsing has been for this recommendation?

Queen, you say?


Stuart · December 03, 2003 13:24

Tell me more about this man, Houdini...

D · December 03, 2003 13:37

Flash! I *love* you! But we only have fourteen hours to save the earth! [totters in ridiculous shoes]

Karen · December 03, 2003 13:40

Did I say Flash Gordon wasn't a good film? I suppose I may have done, and now that so many shackles are raised, I feel I ought to step in and making some damning indictment of the movie. In truth, I can't. I have nothing but fond memories of a winged Brian Blessed, and that battle on the spikey rotating disc.

Now, if someone wants to argue on the merits of Queen as "great band" I'm up for that one. Bloody Brian May and his stupid home made guitar on which he noodles interminably. That's an argument I'm ready for.

Queen? Feh!

Dr. Pops Ocular · December 03, 2003 17:36

There was a girl in my class at school who was a massive Queen fan; then Flash gordon came out and there was an actress in it called Melody Anderson. which was weird because this girl's name was Melody Anderson.

Gert · December 03, 2003 21:14

Did you insist on calling her Melody Anderson after that? Just to wind her up, you know.

Dr. Pops Ocular · December 03, 2003 23:15
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