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Unfinished Symphony

This is the unfinished shawl that I mentioned a few days ago. If any knitting experts are reading, and can somehow identify the pattern, I would be very, very happy. Originally posted March 7, 2006 Update: On Pix’s advice, I … Continue reading

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The difficult dilemma of the would-be ethical consumer

Knowledge is a terrible thing. Six months ago, I could still shop in blissful ignorance of working conditions in the Far East. I was far more concerned about going ten minutes over my own 37 hour week, than considerate of … Continue reading

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Reading Festival

I really enjoyed the music at Reading. I also enjoyed the people. It wasn’t too muddy and I didn’t get sunburnt; the food was moderate to shite; my feet hurt quite a lot by the end of the day; but … Continue reading

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Hey! Missy! Looky!

The only thing for Westerners to do here on a Saturday is shop, so that’s what I did. I couldn’t have managed it without my local guide, a Taiwanese girl who lives here and speaks fluent Mandarin. We had been … Continue reading

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Shenzhen, China

I am now in the city of Shenzhen, as you will know if you have been paying attention. Shenzhen is in the south-east corner of China, right on the border with Hong Kong. To get here, you take a local … Continue reading

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