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A Busy Week

I’ve got the car for most of this week. It feels like I’ve been given the gifts of Space and Time!

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Confidence Interval

I am full of self-doubt. I would like to have a label to tell me who I am and what I think, but these things never seem to be sufficiently static. Even when I think I am certain about something … Continue reading

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Dream Home

I have a recurring dream, or at least a recurring theme. There are elements that recur, in different settings, but there is always at least one house and at least one staircase. The stairs are often frustratingly Escher-like,

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Separate Streams

It’s a very, very long time since I’ve been near a chatroom. At the beginning, I had a new identity every day. It was so much fun being someone else, and harmless too, because all I was doing was, literally, … Continue reading

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Contents Page

The contents of my bag, following a camping holiday: Top row: Conrad’s socks, wipes [for ice-cream], tissues, leaflets from various attractions, wallet stuffed with receipts, half-knitted socks, spare cloth shopping bag, knitting pattern. Middle row: Sticky organic sun cream, bookmark, … Continue reading

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