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Separate Streams

It’s a very, very long time since I’ve been near a chatroom. At the beginning, I had a new identity every day. It was so much fun being someone else, and harmless too, because all I was doing was, literally, … Continue reading

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Things to do before you’re 40

I scoff at those aspirational lists. Especially ones that include things like get in shape. I have never driven on Route 66 or been on safari or swum with dolphins, but I’m okay with that, actually (and the fact that … Continue reading

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Drums in the Deep

On our first night, we arrived at a campsite to find half of it cordoned off for the Derbyshire Pagans’ Lammas celebrations. In the early evening when the drumming started and they lighted the lanterns, we stood in the circle … Continue reading

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Breastfed babies only healthier because their mums are so obedient, says Times

Benefits of breastfeeding ‘being oversold by the NHS” – Times Online. For evidence of how deeply flawed this article is: mothers who breastfed had a different outlook from those who did not and were more likely to follow advice on … Continue reading

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Band, The.

This is a companion piece to a similarly-themed article on Pete’s site which, all things being equal, should be published at roughly the same time. Caledonia Mission from Music From Big Pink – Starts all jangly blues, immediately slows right … Continue reading

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