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A Busy Week

I’ve got the car for most of this week. It feels like I’ve been given the gifts of Space and Time!

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Book Review: Parenting Without God

Parenting Without God: Experiences of a Humanist Mother, by Jane Wynne Wilson I found the tone of Parenting Without God to be rather obnoxious, which considering my own position on its subject matter and the fact that I’m a Dawkins … Continue reading

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Bait and switch

Sometimes I feel like I am writing the same post over and over again, preaching to the choir about how being a breastfeeding mother, or a breastfeeding counsellor, does not automatically equate with being a judgmental, smug ‘breastfeeding supremacist’ [or … Continue reading

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Occasionally I have had recourse to the above twitter tag, entirely without irony, and to amuse myself.

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Confidence Interval

I am full of self-doubt. I would like to have a label to tell me who I am and what I think, but these things never seem to be sufficiently static. Even when I think I am certain about something … Continue reading

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