A Busy Week

I’ve got the car for most of this week. It feels like I’ve been given the gifts of Space and Time! Continue reading

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Book Review: Parenting Without God

Parenting Without God: Experiences of a Humanist Mother, by Jane Wynne Wilson

I found the tone of Parenting Without God to be rather obnoxious, which considering my own position on its subject matter and the fact that I’m a Dawkins fan, is really quite something. It is littered with ‘of course’ and ‘obviously’ and ‘fortunately,’ which makes it sound arrogant and judgmental. Friends who have recently accused me of being the same should note that I am nowhere near the end of the spectrum.

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Bait and switch

Sometimes I feel like I am writing the same post over and over again, preaching to the choir about how being a breastfeeding mother, or a breastfeeding counsellor, does not automatically equate with being a judgmental, smug ‘breastfeeding supremacist’ [or other equally offensive term]. I’m not linking to the blog post I read this morning because I do not want to get embroiled; I’m just using Rise, as usual, to let off steam and order my own thoughts. Continue reading

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Occasionally I have had recourse to the above twitter tag, entirely without irony, and to amuse myself.

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Confidence Interval

I am full of self-doubt. I would like to have a label to tell me who I am and what I think, but these things never seem to be sufficiently static. Even when I think I am certain about something (eg. there are no gods), I remember that certainty is about the worst possible position. Certainty leads to one-true-wayism, and while reading Richard Dawkins has shattered my respect for religious belief, I’m not comfortable with the view that all believers in gods are fools. This paradox hurts, so I reserve the right not to respect homeopaths, and that makes me feel a bit better. Continue reading

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