Thursday March 10, 2005

The Return Of FEEA filed in Goo

Hey, do you remember FEEA?

Well, I decided that it was about time that I re-evaluated. So I turned to a fresh page in my notebook, swatted the hummingbirds away from around my head, and set to work.

Three main points were apparent.

Firstly, the total scores were a lot lower. I was probably just being a bit harsh, so I multiplied the scores by 1.2, restoring the total back to 65.

Secondly, housework once again came out on top, and what's more, the score after normalisation was 16 - exactly the same as last time! Housework is ace, mainly for the reason that after doing it you can survey your results, drink in the sight of the beautiful clean things, and think to yourself "Now that needed doing."

Thirdly, and most excitingly, making music has reassuringly shot up from last place last time, into second place, with a normalised score of 14 - only just below housework. Evidently my muse has returned.

The remaining scores are blogging and computer games with 12, and going to the gym is now in last place, with 11 points.


...and going to the gym? How did that rate?

graybo - Tuesday March 08, 2005 15:57

How did you do that, Graybo? You somehow wrote that comment two days before I published the post!

The mind boggles.

Pete - Thursday March 10, 2005 22:50

And what about dancing?

And you forget, Graybo has been blogging for longer than anyone. He knows things that the rest of us haven't discovered yet.

Karen - Thursday March 10, 2005 23:02

Oh yeah? And what would those things be, Karen?

Pete - Thursday March 10, 2005 23:03

No-one (except Graybo) knows - they haven't been discovered by Us Masses yet.

Lyle - Friday March 11, 2005 09:03

It's true about Graybo. I remember back in the blogging pioneer days of late 2000, Graybo was *always* leaving comments two days before you'd actually written the post. Which was very clever of him, because there weren't even any systems by which to leave comments then.

I also have it on reliable authority that he can bite the legs off three jelly babies in one go, you know.

Vaughan - Friday March 11, 2005 09:10
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