It's a while since we've done tea, isn't it? The teapot was a little dusty, and I had to hunt everywhere for that logo.

Today I am serving strong english tea, earl grey, and beer. The beer is only for Spengy, for whom I make an exception on the grounds that he's my cousin. Everyone else is having tea, even the americans. I can get away with this because Sue has already poured herself a coffee; the rest of you [Kate] must simply learn the Art of Drinking Tea.

With the tea, we have such delightful snacks as macaroons, provided by Mark; squashed fly biscuits, provided by Graybo; cheese & onion crisps, provided by S; apple & cinnamon cookies, provided by Stuart; cherry bakewells, from Gert; a twix from Mike; emma's honey-covered cashews; and the ultimate in delicious snackery goodness, a fine bar of very dark chocolate, brought along by qB.

Those skinflints who have not contributed anything to the feast may have tea, but should be aware that they risk being ostracised by the happy snackers. Headaches are no excuse, Paul; but I wouldn't expect anything else from that troublemaker Lyle.

I was going to run a little competition: My teen diaries are covered in random lyrics. I'm intrigued by this one, and can't find it on the net... Why does my colour black make me a lesser man? But Pete has already found it here. Smartarse.

Karen · Tuesday September 30, 2003 15:41

NB. For clarification: it's a Stevie Wonder lyric, from the song Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away, which I think was featured on Nils Lofgren's My Top Ten. That's what it was doing in my head in 1987.

Karen · September 30, 2003 15:53

i didn't realize it was a tea tea break. usually so bendy with the rules 'round here, and all that. i'll take my cup with gratitude.

kate · September 30, 2003 16:03

Thank you for the tea, and well done for dusting off the teapot and logo.

Mark · September 30, 2003 16:04

thank you kindly, it always tastes better when someone else makes it.

emma · September 30, 2003 16:08

Yes but I used to be much stricter, and frankly, things have deteriorated around here since I started allowing alcohol at tea-time.

Karen · September 30, 2003 16:08

that'd do it.

kate · September 30, 2003 16:21

Thanks for the tea. I have Rich Tea biscuits to dunk in it. I ran out of Caramel Digestives yesterday and forgot to pick some up at the supermarket.

All of this is true. Makes a change.

Pete · September 30, 2003 16:22

I don't drink tea but thank you anyway. Hope the snacks went down well.

S · September 30, 2003 16:46

Oops, I didn't realise you used to have tea in your tea breaks. Do you have any decafinated tea bags? I think it is the caffeine triggering my migraines.

Paul · September 30, 2003 16:46

We can do decaffeinated, but we're a little dubious about it. Why not just have a nice glass of water?

Karen · September 30, 2003 16:49

i think i've missed tea. oh well. i've just had a huge mug of english breakfast anyway.
i've brought a pack of tim tams for you to keep for next time.
if i make it in time for the next tea break i can share with you the aussie delicacy of the tim tam bomb.
or spengy could..?

estee · September 30, 2003 16:51

Sorry, I'm a newbie here myself (it only feels like forever I've been making trouble - honest!) when it comes to Tea-Breaks, so I didn't know about providing biccies.

If I nip out to the shops now, can I bring some Jaffa Cakes and Chocolate HobNobs to make up for it? The tea'll be nice and cool by then too.

lyle · September 30, 2003 16:53

Which part of I would appreciate it if you could bring your own snackage confused you, Lyle?

Karen · September 30, 2003 16:55

Oh chuff, that tea's now got that milky-skin thing going on. Haven't seen that in years - reminds me why milky tea's never been on my favourites list.

<Tangent> Interesting title on this post, by the way. </Tangent>

lyle · September 30, 2003 16:56

It didn't confuse me, I just didn't read it. *blush*

lyle · September 30, 2003 16:57

Sit in the corner and drink your tea, Lyle.



Karen · September 30, 2003 16:58

In order to cancel out my suggestion of decaffeinated tea (and I will still to the water; tap water), I'm offering everyone a jaffa cake.

Paul · September 30, 2003 17:17

Ooohh Tim Tams - lovely. Bite off both ends, stick it in the mug and suck your coffee through it.

Doesn't taste very nice with beer though.

Cheers :)

Spengy · September 30, 2003 17:21

and then - most importantly - before it collapses into a soggy mess in your hands, pop it in your mouth and enjoy the warm gooey chocolatey goodness


estee · September 30, 2003 18:04

*Sits in the corner, drinking tea*

Hmm, where'd this pointy hat come from? And what does the D mean? Wasn't it big enough to write the other "4D" on?

Lyle · September 30, 2003 22:34

How come my generously-offered apple and cinnamon cookies are, via the link, dog biscuits?


*these honey covered cashews are lovely Emma, cheers*

Stuart · October 01, 2003 08:23

I promise to send a postcard from the Isle of Wight, by the way. Sit tight Karen!

Stuart · October 01, 2003 08:26
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